Fast Food Fury


Leeftijd: Vanaf 8 jaar
Aantal spelers: 4 - 6 spelers
Speeltijd: ± 30 minuten
Uitgever: Jolly Dutch
Taal: Nederlands

Order up! Thank you, chef! In Fast Food Fury you and your team of food truck chefs need to work in a chaotic festival environment to prepare orders for hungry customers, while another team tries to fulfil the same orders. For every order you fulfil, you have a happy customer that will pay the bill. So make sure your team serves the most customers and earns the most money. How does it work? You and your team are chefs of different food trucks, all attending the same festival. Every player simultaneously flips open a fast food card and tries to hit the product they need for the order their working on. If they were the first, they win the product and strategically place it with their order. They need to be smart with their products, to be quicker and better than the other team(s). The team that finishes their order first, pleases the customer and wins their cash. Special sauce cards add an extra dash of chaos and confusion. The team that wins the most cash, wins the game!