Marvel United: Rise of the Black Panther


Leeftijd: Vanaf 12 jaar
Aantal spelers: 1-4 spelers
Speeltijd: ± 30 minuten
Uitgever: Happy Meeple Games
Taal: Nederlands

Despite their technological supremacy and widespread prosperity, the kingdom of Wakanda finds itself embroiled in a struggle as old as time itself: a battle for the throne. Erik Killmonger’s oath of vengeance against the Wakandan king’s bloodline has fallen on T’Challa, the current Black Panther. Not content to simply eliminate the Black Panther and his allies, Killmonger wishes to seize Wakanda for himself. To that end, he seeks to radicalize the population against their king, smuggling weapons and mercenaries into the country in preparation for a vast uprising that would place Killmonger on the throne.

!! Let op! Dit is een uitbreiding. Je hebt het basispel ' Marvel United ' nodig om dit te kunnen spelen. !!