House of Cats (ENG)


Leeftijd: Vanaf 10 jaar
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 6 spelers
Speeltijd: ± 20 minuten
Uitgever: Aporta Games
Taal: Engels

Fill your house with cats, mice and dice! Form rooms using numbers. Then use the rooms' special abilities to score the most points. There are 4 unique levels (each with their own rules), and every time you play you use a random set of 4 out of 12 possible abilities. This ensures new challenges every game. House of Cats is a quick and clever roll-and-write game, and the first collaborative design by veteran designers William Attia and Kristian A Østby. >>>> HOW TO PLAY: Each turn, one player rolls the dice and all players use the results to fill in spaces on their individual playing sheet. Keep taking turns until one player has filled every space on their sheet. Try to group equal numbers together. A room is formed if you make a group with size equal to the number that makes up the group (i.e. groups of two 2's, three 3's, four 4's or five 5's). Each completed room scores points and gives you access to a special ability. Cats and mice will score depending on the level you are playing.