Coatl (ENG)


Leeftijd: Vanaf 10 jaar
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 4 spelers
Speeltijd: ± 45 minuten
Uitgever: Synapses Games
Taal: Engels, Frans

Coatl is a pattern building game, where you have to build Aztec snakes. Choosing actions is simple, but you have to find the best way to optimize our game rounds. This game is ideal for players casual and more experienced.

Following the death of a supreme spiritual leader, a great void was created in the Aztec world. Carving elaborate representations of feathered snakes, known as Cóatls, players compete in an artistic test demonstrating their skills in winning the favor of the gods.

Players must take turns collecting colored head, tail, and body pieces or assembling them into Coatls. They work to make the beautifully illustrated Prophecy and Temple cards in order to gain prestige, in order to become the new High Priest at the head of the Aztec spiritual world.